Often referred to as the University of Freemasonry, the degrees and lectures of the Scottish Rite are most memorable and enlightening. You will greatly expand your Masonic knowledge and cement lasting bonds with your brothers in the fraternity. We invite all Master Masons to join the Scottish Rite. First you must submit a petition, then click the buy now button below to pay your initiation fee. Read More...

Initiation Fee: $275.00 (FILL OUT YOUR PETITION)

To get to witness and take part in these degrees in the beautiful historically preserved Vaudeville-era theater of the Galveston Scottish Rite Cathedral is an amazing experience to say the least. It is how the Scottish Rite was experienced a hundred years ago; complete with theatrical fine-art back drops of awe inspiring ancient settings, beautifully restored ceremonial items, and a full wardrobe of vintage costumes and regalia.

We invite all Master Masons to come and join the Scottish Rite and all A.A.S.R. members of the Valley to come and witness the degrees once again, gather for fraternity, and take part in fellowship at the reunions.

First you must submit a petition, then click the buy now button below to pay your initiation fee.


The cost of induction for Master Masons into the Scottish Rite is $275 and includes:

- Conferral of all thirty two degrees at this and next reunion.
- A Bridge to Light by Rex Hutchens (book)
- 32° Double Headed Eagle Black Hat
- Galveston Valley AASR Historic Lapel Pin
- Scottish Rite Hospital Magazine
- Welcome to the Scottish Rite (book - mailed)
- 32° Patent and Diploma (mailed)
- Double Headed Eagle Lapel Pin (mailed)
- Scottish Rite Membership Card (mailed)
- Further booklets and educational materials.

+ We alo offer additional enrollment options into the Consistory College and Master Craftsman programs; the collegiate and educational correspondence courses on Scottish Rite history, ritual, and philosophy. Enrollment in these programs is highly encouraged but optional, they represent the fulfillment of esoteric work in the Scottish Rite. These courses are academic and collegiate oriented and not akin to the "Art of Memory" as experienced in the Symbolic Lodge work.


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