Valley Committees

Our membership committees are the heart and soul of our Valley! Our committees dedicate countless hours and personal time to execute the necessary functions of the valley's life and work.

The Executive Committee of the Galveston Valley of the Scottish Rite is the principal body managing and steering the direction of the valley. Without their tireless commitment the valley could not exist.

All the current officers of the San Felipe Lodge of Perfection, Galveston Chapter of the Rose Croix, Galveston Council Knights Kadosh, and the Galveston Consistory. Without the loyal dedication and countless hours spent by our officers the Valley of Galveston could not function.

Degree Masters are responsible for running a particular degree at a particular Reunion. Help with any of the degrees, either as an active member of the cast, an understudy or as a person entirely behind the scenes is always appreciated. Many degrees have an ongoing need for participants.

The Knights of St. Andrew is an elite unit of Scottish Rite Masons. The Knights of St. Andrew exist as a service organization on behalf of all members of their Consistory. They provide services wherever they are needed.

The Southern Brazoria County Scottish Rite Club is dedicated to providing a number of services to the valley. The club meets at St. John's Lodge #5 in West Columbia. Meetings are the fourth Tuesday of every month. Dinner is served at 6:00pm with the meeting starting shortly thereafter.

There are a variety of ways that members can serve in the Scottish Rite. If you see something that you'd like to do that isn't being done, let one of the officers know. The Scottish Rite welcomes all volunteers!