The Consistory of the Masters of the Royal Secret (The Consistory, for short) comprises the 31st and 32nd Degrees. The word consistory derives from the Latin consistorium, which means both "tribunal" and "imperial council." As with other degrees of Freemasonry, the consistorial degrees present some of their lessons by borrowing the symbols of other cultures and times.

 The 31st and 32nd Degrees are very different in form and content. The 31st Degree reveals the dynamic relationship that has existed for centuries between human law as a means of achieving justice and divine justice as an ideal. It asks all of us to judge ourselves in the light of this knowledge and the lessons of the proceeding degrees.


Degree Description

31st Degree

"Inspector Inquisitor"

Duties: Judge Yourself in the Same Light you Judge Others. Consider both Actions and Motives

There are three major lessons of this degree. First, that the good man is able to portray himself and his actions positively and not simply assert the absence of wrong in his life. Secondly, that justice and mercy are two opposites which unite in the great harmony of equity. Thirdly, that to aim at the best but be content with the best possible is true wisdom. In this degree the apprentice learns prayerful self-examination. The mistakes today should not be committed tomorrow. Simply, the daily look at ones self to learn to live with the future.

32nd Degree

"Master of the Royal Secret"

Duties: A Soldier of the Light seeks Truth and Knowledge. A Soldier of Freedom Demands for the People Free Vote and Voice and Attains Freedom of Voice, Vote and Opinion for Himself. A Soldier of Scottish Rite Masonry is Zealous and Ardent in the Performance of his Duties to God, his Country, his Family, his Brethren and Himself.

There are three lessons in this degree. First, that the human is ever interlaced with the Divine. Secondly, that only doctrines, faith or knowledge which bear in action are of value. Thirdly, that to work is to worship. We are taught in this degree that genuine brotherhood requires mutual regard, opinion, esteem and charity. We always look for the good in all, make allowances for others' shortcomings. We trust the Supreme Architect to lead us to friendship, morality and brotherly love.

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